Unsere Praktikantin Camryn hat ihr Praktikum bei uns beendet und kehrt in die USA zurück. Hier schreibt sie über ihre Erfahrungen bei SprInt!



As my time in Berlin as a volunteer English tutor comes to a close, I wanted to take some
time to reflect on my experiences at SprInt.

Not only do I want to acknowledge my appreciation for this program allowing me to feel
much more confident in my teaching abilities, I would also like to give my thanks to the
program’s coordinators. I truly admire all of the hard work put in by Herbert, Johannes, and the
other leaders at the tutoring center. Although I didn’t get much time to get to know all of them,
as it takes much longer than a few days a week to get to know someone, it was clear to me that
this is undoubtedly a highly dedicated team. Their commitment to ensuring the efficiency of the
program, along with their ensuring every student was well taken care of, was very inspiring for
me to observe. Sometimes I came into the tutoring center without much to do, because every
student seemed to have a tutor by his or her side, which is a clear exhibition of how
hard-working the tutors and staff are with the students. During the occasional times I didn’t have
a student to tutor, I would listen to the others as they worked with their students, and I observed
the patience and kindness in their voices as they did so. I modeled much of my behavior off of
everyone else’s teaching, so I would like to thank the other’s for “teaching me how to teach”, if
you will. 😃
During my last few weeks of tutoring, I got to know a fellow tutor, Sercan, whom I
assisted in tutoring a group of Year 11s in preparation for their upcoming MSA exam. He told
me something that stuck with me: he said that all of his life, he wanted to go to school to become
a doctor, but he later discovered that his true passion lies in teaching English. “It is what you
love to do that you should spend your life doing, not something that will bring you status or
wealth”. I highly agree with this mindset, and I found his words to be very inspiring. After all, if
you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life, right? Like Sercan, and many
of the other tutors at SprInt, I also aspire to teach someday. After graduation, I hope to move to
South Korea to teach English as a second language (given that this crazy COVID-19 situation
clears up by then, of course!)

Farewell to everyone! I had a wonderful time meeting all of you, and I wish for your
utmost health and safety during this time.


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Der Artikel stammt von Camryn Gulbranson, ehemalige Praktikantin bei SprInt.